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Aspiring Poet.
Music...Poetry...& Art.
Share a small inkling into my mind.
If you need a friend, I'll be around. You can talk to me, I'm always available.

Spread Peace.
Give Love.
May God be with you all.

Gone With The Wind.

There’s a space
In my heart that
I’m not sure
Will ever be filled.

Completely drained
Of all it’s mystical properties
The stuff that makes
People feel love.

Swiftly as the wind.
Like it was
Never there.

As if I never had it
To begin with.
Never to be found again.

— Marley C.

Sheryl Crow

—The First Cut Is The Deepest


First Cut is the Deepest - Sheryl Crow

Poetry is
the music of a poets mind
where words replace the notes

—©Lzlabs92014 (via lzlabs)

(via braveheartswhisper)